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Health Workforce Initiative (HWI)

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Healthcare continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in California. The Health Workforce Initiative Centers identify the workforce needs of California's healthcare delivery systems and develop solutions through a comprehensive problem-solving process that includes assessment and analysis, planning and development, and implementation and evaluation. (Economic Workforce Development, 2012)

Health Workforce Initiative (Formerly known as RHORC) promotes the advancement of California's health care workforce through quality education and services by:

Expanding – California's Health Care Workforce

Training – Health Care Job Analysis and Curriculum Development

Partnerships – Solving Challenges in Health Care

 The HWI Bay Area Regional Center

  • Works with healthcare industry partners to identify, analyze, and meet emerging needs and demands for California's health care industry workers;
  • Develops innovative solutions and leverages resources to implement planned responses;
  • Provides job analysis for industry and education partners through the DACUM process;
  • Develops health occupation curricula to meet industry need;
  • Develops new healthcare educational programs;
  • Provides workshops and training programs for healthcare professionals, educators, counselors and industry partner staff;
  • Provides workshops and certification training for students to facilitate student success;
  • Hosts the Northern Regional Testing Center to provide Nurse Assistant Certification testing; and
  • Assists with disseminating the information about the latest trends in healthcare to students, educators, and industry partners.
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