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A LatinX couple poses in front of a backdrop that reads "EOPS/CARE." Their young son poses with them. The woman in the couple is wearing a commencement cap and gown and is using a wheelchair.

Disability Support at Mission

Planning your in-person visit to DSPS (Mon - Thur 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.)

  1.  Students entering DSPS must be wearing a mask. Masks must remain worn at all times.
  2. If a student or anyone wishing to enter has a medical condition that precludes wearing a regular mask, the student should obtain a shield with draping available through Administrative Services and Student Health. DSPS will have a limited number of these augmented shields on hand.
  3. Students requesting that a parent or advocate enter DSPS to assist with questions must have this cleared in advance as at this time we are allowing only the student requesting services to enter. Under no circumstances will more than one additional person be allowed.

Fall 2021 Pass/No Pass Option

Deadline November 18, 2021, Form and Information

Fall 2021 Excused Withdrawals

Mission College Withdrawal Policy

DSPS Mission Statement

Our goal is to support the college student with a disability to enter campus life, its programs and activities, both on campus and through distance education.

We emphasize educational achievement as well as retention and success, in both higher education and career goals.

Reasonable accommodations, when eligible, are provided to minimize the effects of your disability and maximize your potential success.

Getting Started with DSPS 

New Students - How to Apply

Process for Incoming Students

Visit Becoming a Student for important information on applying to the college.

  1. Complete an application to Mission College.  You will receive a Student ID number, and login credentials to the West Valley-Mission Student Portal.
  2. Obtain disability documentation from a medical professional or your high school (IEP or 504 Plan).  It is also helpful to obtain your most recent school transcript.
  3. Complete the Placement Asistance Tool.
  4. Complete an application to Disability Support Programs & Services
  5. Upload documents to the application.  For assistance, please call 408-855-5085 or email
  6. Call or email DSPS to schedule an intake appointment to the program, and to discuss course placement and scheduling.  
  7. Attend the next scheduled DSPS Orientation meeting (dates will be provided by DSPS).
  8. Make an appointment with a DSPS Counselor to create your Educational Plan.
  9. Register for courses.
  10. Request academic accommodations every semester.

All DSPS information is available in alternate formats upon request.


Disability Verification Form

Students do not need to have a learning or physical challenge to enroll in Educational Assistance courses; however, in order to receive services such as notetaking, test-taking accommodations, etc., students must have written verification of an eligible disability.

Eligibility for academic accommodations is based on a student's condition which must:

  1. Fall within the diagnostic categories listed on Disability Verification Form, and
  2. Impair a major life activity, and
  3. Pose an educational limitation for which accommodation is required and appropriate.

Mission College uses the information requested on the Disability Verification Form for the purpose of determining a student's eligibility to received authorized special services provided by Disability Support Programs & Services. The definitions here are per the State of California Administration Code, Title 5, Section 56032 to 56044.