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Badgr is Coming

What is Badgr?
Badgr is a platform that Issues Digital Badges and helps students track progress in a digital pathway.

Okay, what’s a digital badge? 
A digital badge validates an accomplishment or a skill that can be industry certified (e.g., Microsoft, PMI, Google…)

Sounds great, when will this happen?   
The target date is Spring 2020 semester.

So, how does it work? 
Through the Badgr app in Canvas, faculty can grant digital badges to students for finishing a module, a learning outcome, a full course, or a specific skill or level.Students get a digital backpack through Badgr that allows them to collect digital badges not only in the course, but through any educational institution. Faculty can also set up a digital pathway where students can see their progress toward a certificate. 

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Business Information Professional

Did you know that there is an undersupply of Business Information Workers in the wider Bay Area and in Silicon Valley? Also, did you know that there were over 11,000 job postings for office clerks, executive admin assistants and office managers in the last 12 months in Silicon Valley?

By being a part of theBusiness Information Professional (BIP) pathwaystarting in Spring 2020. Be a part of a cohort to career counseling, resume building and tutorial services. Earn digital badges and acquire a Certificate of Achievement in one year.

Find out more about the BIP pathway.

Hackathon 4.0

For three years running,“Mission Hack” has brought students together to simulate a real-world, Silicon Valley experience. Students develop a product for mobile, web, or other physical application. Students work in multi-discipline teams under pressure over two days.

The competition features a fast-paced, high energy environment to ideate, create, and present their finished “product“ to their peers and a panel of industry judges. The 2017 and 2018 winning team member, Eduardo Villa, now an engineering student at UC Santa Cruz, describes Mission Hack as a “life-changing” event.

College staff are now taking this show on the road”– presenting to Silicon ValleyHi-tech companies like Huawei and Intel to garner community support.

SAP Program

Did you know that SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise application software and serves more than 437,000 companies in 180+ countries? Earn a SAP Certificate at Mission College with just three classes.

Why the SAP Certificate?

The skills attained in the SAP certificate program will help put a student’s resume at the top of the pile of job applications at many companies. Additionally, the SAP certificate program helps students prepare for the CPA exam. The SAP classes fulfill degree and elective requirements and are transferable to California State University. 

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VITA Income Tax Program

Taught by award-winning professor Teresa Thompson, students who enroll in ACC 053A receive training in how to file basic tax returns. Follow-up training at the completion of the course will get students ready to helplow-income community members prepare theirreturns during the next tax season.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, the VITA program may be for you:

  • Are you considering a career in Accounting, Business or Economics?
  • Are you interested in helping people with their tax preparation?
  • Do you want work experience in accounting?
  • Do you need community support experience to write about on your UC application and resume?

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What's New with Our Programs


Why Join the United Association? 

Are you looking for a career that provides you with good wages, healthcare and retirement security?  Are you an experienced professional looking for greater opportunities in your field?  Members work in a variety of industries, including commercial buildings, residential homes and shipyards. Students pursue different paths, including Site Foreman, Project Mangers and Contractor Owners.

Applications Announcement for Pipe Trades Apprenticeship: March 16 - 27, 2020.

Members of the United Association have the opportunity to obtain an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, along with industry recognized certifications, by taking advantage of the ongoing training opportunities provided by the UA—at little or no cost to you. Our Training Center is located in Burlingame, CA:

JATC, Local 467 1519 Rollins Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
Phone:  (650) 692-0442
Fax:  (650) 692-7620


The Business Department at Mission College is offering four new courses.Take advantage of these during the Spring 2020 semester.These courses are open to everyone, including entrepreneurs who’d like to enhance their entrepreneurial skills.

BUS 022 - Principles of E-Business (online)

BUS 023 - Social Media and Marketing Tuesdays 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Students will have hands on experience with several forms of social media technology. Students will explore the realities and implications of ecommerce from a marketer’s perspective

BUS 107 - Soft Skills for Project Managers >Mondays 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

This course will concentrate on the three pillars of
softs kills: leadership, communication and collaboration

BUS 111 - Entrepreneurial Mindset (Hybrid)

Be a part of a cohort to career counseling, resume building and tutorial services. Earn digital badges and acquire a Certificate of Achievement in one year.

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HS/Adult School Articulation
CATEMA Implementation a Success

On October 17 and 18, 2019, Mission College hosted high school and adult school educators at a Career and Technical Education Management Application In Service at Mission College. The goal of CATEMA is to streamline the credit-awarding process for students, teachers and administrators by reducing the number of steps required for students to be awarded deserved credit for articulated courses.

Save the Date
Articulation Day will be held on the Mission College campus on April 25, 2020. Every two years, on Articulation Day, secondary school teachers and Mission College faculty gather to make changes and/or approve adjustments or additions to the list of articulated courses. Participants will meet for four hours.

Child Development

The Child Development Department is pleased to welcome
Willy Kwong as our new full-time faculty member.Willy earned his bachelors and mastersdegree in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State and taught child development courses at Las Positas and Gavilan College for the last 4 years.We are excited that his many talents will now benefit the students and children of Mission.

Cardboard Creativity Night

On November 26, 2019 the Child Development Department and the Child Development Center Lab held its second annual Cardboard Creativity Night. 

Inspired by the short documentary Caine’s Arcade and the creativity of Caine Monroy the students of CHD 014: Art and Creative Development of Children, taught by Willy and the teachers of the Sunflower and Orchids classrooms, Shuchi Nangia and Phuong Pham hosted creative activities and games for the families in these classrooms. 

The Global Cardboard Challenge is now an international event, where children in schools all over the world focus on creativity and invention and discover that a box is never just a box. 

Save the Date
On May 22, 2020 at 11 a.m. the Child Development Department will hold its annual Celebration of Graduation where our Child Development degree and certificate earners are honored. 


The Computer Science & Information Technology department is in the process of developing courses in cloud certification, cloud architecture, cybersecurity data visualization, machine learning, robotics, drones, and data analysis.

Graphic Design

Outreach with Graphic Design
Mission College Graphic Design and Multimedia Faculty continue to participate in outreach activities involving local High School Students.

• In Fall 2019, students visited Mission College as part of STEM Week and worked on a Web Animation project using HTML and CSS.

• In Spring 2020, students and faculty from Andrew Hill HS, Milpitas HS, Wilcox HS and Santa Teresa HS will attend Web Design and Motion Graphics workshops. 

These workshops are funded through Strong Workforce grants and provide hands-on exploration of possible career pathways.

New Classes are Coming
New classes in User Experience Design are coming in 2020-2021. This field continues to grow.Students will be able to learn how to design next-gen digital products.

Save the Date
Our Spring 2020 Portfolio Exhibition night is held on Thursday, May 14, 2020 from 6.30 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. in TAV 130.

Hospitality Management

In September, instructor’s Daniel Arias and Haze Dennis, along with several HM students rolled out the food truck and participated in the annual Silicon Valley Concierge Association event held at the Winchester Mystery House.

In October, the Hospitality Department catered a cooking class for the ChiAm (Chinese American) Women’s Circle. This event featured a two-pound lobster demonstration and enlisted the hands-on help from the audience in preparing the meal.

Also in October, a tasting menu served to international visitors from Finland featured Oxtail Consommé, A5 Wagyu, grass-fed tenderloin and lobster scampi, as well as Mezcal straight from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Lunch at the Bistro
The students in FDR 053 - Restaurant Operations, serve up lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11.30 a.m. - 1 p.m. at the Mission Bistro! Learn more about the Bistro here.

Save the Date
The fifth annual High School Culinary Competition will be held in the HM Building on Thursday, March 26, 2020. This annual event features high school competitors from partnering districts, guest chef judges and a local industry Q & A session.

Elective Courses in Hospitality Management
FDR 072 - Intermediate Cuisine
FDR 074 - Intermediate Baking and Confectionary
FDR 082 - Introduction to Chocolate and Confectionary
HMT 075 - Housekeeping in Hotels and Institutions
FDR 106A - Food Trucks: Starting a Mobile Food Business. This lecture class will dive into business start-up requirements and effective procedures for running a successful mobile food service.
FDR 106B - This follow-up class to FDR 106A includes hands-on preparation and service using the 30-foot, fully equipped mobile kitchen trailer.
FDR 096 - Healthy Cuisine
This newly revised hands-on class will feature the latest in plantbased food preparation, nutrient retention, and of course, colorful and satisfying cuisine.
FDR 052 - Quantity Foods Operations.
Students in this first of two capstone courses serve lunch to all comers at the Mission Bistro.


Here are some events Mission College were a part of:

CE Programs have long been supporters of outreach and with the support of Monica Nolasco, these collaborative efforts have risen to a new level. The What’s Cookin’ event has become an annual tradition packing Hospitality Management with aspiring chefs.Recently more and more programs have gotten into the mix:

Mark Garrett has increased GDES outreach efforts by hosting students in articulated courses from local feeder schools on campus for a day of hands-on learning 

Curtis Pembrook has played a key role supporting HSI-STEM’s summer camps with the ESUHSD and SCUSC Migrant Education Program 

Wenlei Shan, Chris Zilg, and Jenny Tseng hosted students from the Finance Academy at Independence HS in November 

The Outreach team is thrilled to help facilitate new collaborations and is exploring additional opportunities to strengthen the pipeline from local feeder schools to Mission College. With both the state and the college moving towards the implementation of Guided Pathways, these partnerships have the potential to significantly increase the number of students realizing their career aspirations.

Student and Staff Success

Read more stories of success here.

Accounting Success at a Big 4 Firm
Nathania Isnandar

Nathania Isnandar graduated with an accounting degree from Mission in 2019. Fortunately, her first class Financial Accounting, turned out to be a wonderful learning experience and Nathania decided to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Before starting her graduate school in accounting, she was able to complete many business/accounting prerequisite courses at Mission College.

Nathania is appreciative that her first accounting instructor, “cared a lot” and shared her professional corporate experience, and helped secure the first part-time accounting job.  According to Nathania, having many supportive instructors and friends in Mission College and working as a tutor helped strengthen her foundation in accounting, which led to her acceptance at SJSU’s graduate accounting program and a full-time offer upon graduation in 2020, in the assurance group at prestigious Deloitte.  Congratulations to Nathania and best wishes for a successful career!

Cafe Owner Katie Voong
Katie Voong, Single Mom and Entrepreneur

Single Mom and Entrepreneur. An important part of my business plan is incorporating a community Giving Back Program.

I love to help others, so I always find time to dedicate a portion of my week to community projects, such as sponsoring, Joy Club, and Flag Football.

When I considered going back to school several years ago, one of my primary motivations was to pursue a career that I enjoyed with my passion to excel at all levels. I graduated from the program in May 2015, earning a Certificate in Hospitality Management, which prepared me to start my own business.”

Why did I start Ktea Cafe? Being a single mom, I had to rely on myself. I had to think of ideas that would bring my passions together. My team would become my family. While on this “journey,” I have always given recognition to my executive/creative team and innovative staff. They have been instrumental in helping me make my dreams come true.

What have I Learned? For me, being an entrepreneur means accepting as true the following statement about your passions: Giving up is not an option. Hard work and commitment are a way of life for me because I really love what I do.”

In December 2019, Katie spoke about her entrepreneurial journey at the Google professional development conference.

College may give you the knowledge to take the next step on your career path, but don’t underestimate the valuable life lessons, go beyond the books.”

Students Sweep Big Ad Challenge

Mission College’s Graphic Design program swept all five awards of the “Big Ad Challenge” sponsored by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and Wells Fargo.

All four teams are current Mission College students who were taking the Design Agency and Branding class.

The winning team, Paper & Pixels, was working for Gothic Landscape and earned the small business $25,000 in advertising in the Journal over the next year. Paper & Pixels also won “Best Creative Execution.”

The team, SPEX, won “Best Marketing Analysis for GiveTeens20. Seismic Designs won “Best Media Buy Strategy” for Blue Streak Lighting Services. and HexaGraphics won “Best Presentation” for TapSnap

Fire Tower Named for Von Raesfelds

Mission College’s fire tower is now named after the Von Raesfeld Family, a family dedicated to public service, who also went to Mission College.

Don and Celine Von Raesfeld raised nine children from the family confines of Alviso Street, where three sons-- Myron, Darryl, and Marty-- each went through the fire science program at Mission College and became firefighters; Colleen became a sergeant in the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office; Donna spent 30 years as a Union City school teacher; and Don, Jr. drove for VTA.

Don, Sr. spent five decades working in Santa Clara. As City Manager, Don, Sr.’s vision for the area North of 101 (then known as “North of Bayshore”) was anchored by Mission College, the Convention Center and Great America.

The area would be vastly different without Don, Sr’s input.

Ted Talks' Victor Rios

Dr. Victor Rios, Award-Winning UC Professor
In October 2019, Mission College hosted award-winning UC professor, author and speaker, Dr. Victor Rios. Dr. Rios addressed students, staff and community members, inspiring and motivating them to believe in humans’ potential. Dr. Rios talked about how we can change the way we address the students who may be at risk. Rather than thinking of these students as “at risk,” Dr. Rios believes we should see them as, just like us, “@Promise”. During the presentation, Dr. Rios gave copies of his book, Street Life: Poverty, Gangs, and a Ph.D., to those who asked a question.

Kendall Harrison • Classified Professional

A gifted and artistic professional, Kendall uses her organization skills in support of the work.

Ask her for the status of a project, and she will not need to look it up. She will give you an update on the spot.Ask her to give you feedback on a project, and she will provide a competent and willing answer.  

When asked what brings her joy in her work-life, she readily answers that collaborating on projects with faculty and peers brings her great satisfaction. She brings balance to her personal and professional life by exercising, drawing, sketching and spending time with friends and her significant other. The CE team is grateful to have this wonderfully talented person among us. 

Haze Dennis • HM Instructor

Haze From Hospitality
Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Sam Haze was raised by a single mom of modest means who instilled in him that college was not an option, but a must! His friends and family members were all primed to go to a four-year college immediately upon high school graduation and community college was not a choice for them.

Right from his childhood he wanted to become a
Dentist.Performing well in high school, he was accepted into a six-year dental program. 

But one fateful day, as he drove a friend to take a fitness test for the Naval Academy (Annapolis), he got intrigued by the prestigious and rigorous admission process.  Out of pride and curiosity, he applied and received an appointmentto the United States Air Force Academy, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

While he had performed well enough in high school to earn an appointment, he found himself on probation the entire time. The first major failure in his life came during the summer of 1987 when he was dis-enrolled from the United StatesAir ForceAcademy. He departed with a GPA just under 2.0 and no other colleges were willing to admit him.

When he was depressed and disappointed his sister advised him to try out the food service classes at the local community college. He registered for hospitality classes and not only exceled in them but also secured a job at Courtyard Marriott. There was much synergy between what was taught in class and his work experience.

After earning his AS degree with excellent academic standing he went on to pursue his Bachelor’s degree from UNLV, Las Vegas. He was offered several director and manager positions until his sister once again advised him to try teaching. He is now a full time instructor at Mission College and 23 years later he loves what he does.