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Admissions Department Staff

Admissions Staff Profiles

Admissions Department

Location: SEC-118
tel: (408)855-5000 fax: (408)980-8980

First Name Last Name Title Department E-Mail Phone Location
Elvita Bustamante Student Records Advisor (O-Z; VN & NA; grade changes) Admissions and Records 408-855-5023 SEC-120F
Cesar Cardenas Transcripts Admissions and Records 408-855-5011 SEC-118 Workstation 05
Michael Lau Veteran Certifying Official Admissions and Records 408-855-5074 SEC-118 Workstation 11
Diemanh Le Liaison to Office of Instruction Admissions and Records 408-855-5027 SEC-118 - Workstation 01
Phyllis Riggs Enrollment Verifications Admissions and Records 408-855-5009 SEC-118 - Workstation 09
Nitha Vasquez Census Rosters & Cashiering Admissions & Records 408-855-5028 SEC-118 - Workstation 08
Epigmenio Vazquez-Vega Student Records Advisor (H-N; Missing Grades) Admissions and Records SEC-120F
Jhonaliza Villanueva CCC Apply Admissions and Records 408-855-5015 SEC-118 - Workstation 03
Lisa Willett Athletics, Dual Enrollment & MECHS Admissions and Records 408-855-5026 SEC-118 - Workstation 12