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Mission College Clubs and Organizations

  • You’ll learn more about yourself.
  • You’ll develop useful teamwork and leadership skills.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to boost your resume and professional network.
  • You’ll utilize practical experience in a nurturing environment.
  • You’ll learn about student equity and its important role on campus.
  • You’ll have a change of pace from your studies.
  • You’ll be more aware of your value within your community.
  • You’ll have a chance to explore your many interests and find your passion.
  • You’ll have fun!

The following clubs are presumed currently active at Mission College. Please contact individual clubs for information pertaining to that club.

Interested in starting a new club or reactivating an old one?
Here’s how:
  1. Visit the Office of Student Activities located in the Campus Center, second floor, room 231 to pick up a copy of the Inter-Club Council Bylaws or view online here.
  2. Read the ICC Bylaws to learn the requirements and steps to starting your own club or to reactivate an old club.
  3. Visit the Office of Student Activities located in the Campus Center, second floor, room 231 if you have questions or concerns. 

This list was last updated in Spring 2018.  

Clubs at Mission College

Classification Organization Contact Info
Special Interest InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

We are a community of students seeking to love Mission College for Jesus every day. We welcome anyone who wants to grow spiritually and learn more about God, regardless of your faith background.
Pat Hudak
Academic Associated Student Government

The official voice of the Students of Mission College. The ASG Student Senate in an elected body of Mission Students. Their purpose is to represent the student’s views to the administration, plan and support campus activities. 
Rachael Goldberg
Special Interest Mission College Freedom Writers Club

We are a creative writing club. We invite all writers and various forms of style. Curious to meet other writers and share your pieces? Then join us at our next meeting!

Donnelle McGee

Academic Mission College Health Occupations Association

MCHOA is a health occupations club that allows health occupation majors to connect with past, present, and future students. We also volunteer on and off campus.
Lisa Shivers
Special Interest

Mission Dance Company

Founded in 2010, Mission Dance Company is a student-run non-profit organization from Mission College, providing a venue for students to choreograph and perform original works of art and share them with the broader community.  We welcome all level dancers and choreographers to join us and further develop dancing skills. Let the love for dancing grow!

Brenna Wundram

Special Interest Mission InterConnect

Our purpose is to connect students from different countries across the world and embrace the sense of connectedness because we believe that our campus is a place of equity and diversity, where everyone helps each other regardless of where we come from.
Marina Broeder

Muslim Student Association 

Muslims Student Association, MSA, is a club on campus for Muslims and Non-Muslims to gather and learn about Islam in a safe environment.

Kathryn Wood
Academic Society of Hispanic Engineers

Mission SHPE is Mission College's own Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and you don't need to be Hispanic or an engineer to join! We hope to help students with professional development, offer opportunities and create a community here at Mission College.
Edrina Rashidi
Special Interest

START: Mission College Art Club

Art is an aspect of every part of our surroundings. Mission College holds potential for only more creative energy for its future because its student body always creates nothing but this potential. Mission College Art club welcomes and encourages all mediums of art. On the belief that art is a part of what makes us unique, we encourage self-expression through art.

Lynne Todaro

Cultural Puente

The Puente Club focuses on advocating higher education and offering a support group to our Mission College students. We also promote diversity and celebration of cultures to bring everybody to success through similar backgrounds. We all know the struggle of hardships of going to college whether you're a first-generation college student or need help in order to transfer. Together we can be successful. Si Se Puede!
Aram Shepherd
Cultural  Umoja Community Club 

Here at Umojja, we promote the recognition and involvement of students of African/African American ancestry/ethnicity at Mission College for the intention of creating a strong voice on campus and to make an impact on the decisions regarding students. 
Manuel Salazar
Academic Women in STEM

Women in Science & Engineering (WiSE) is a club at Mission College that provides opportunities, support, resources, and guidance for women enrolled in STEM-related courses, willing to transfer to a 4-year institution, get a certificate, or change their career.

Gabriela Medvetska

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