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Virtual Mission: We might be closed, but we are open online to serve you. Details and Resources Here.

STEM Learning Center

Temporary Virtual STEM Learning Center - Summer 2020


Due to the COVID-19 response, the physical STEM Learning Center is currently closed until further notice. 

In order to provide STEM students a study space and hub for resources a virtual center has been established via zoom. 

group of students in the STEM Center
The center can be accessed during open hours listed below at:
or Zoom Meeting ID: 668-334-666

Peer Navigators are able to help in the following courses:
Course Tutor Days Times
BIO 1A & BIO 1B Aleta Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12pm - 4pm
CHM 1A & CHM 2 Aleta Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12pm - 4pm
  Evelyn Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
EGR 24 Micheal Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
MAT 903, MAT 00C, MAT 001 Evelyn & Michael Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
MAT 003A & MAT 004B Adam & Michael Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
MAT 00D Michael Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
MAT 003B Adam Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
PHY 004A Adam & Evelyn Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm
PHY 004B Evelyn Monday - Wednesday 12pm - 4pm


Adam Aleta Evelyn Michael

Math 3A, 3B, 4B
Physics 4A, 4B

Chem 1A, 2
Bio 1A, 1B

Chem 1A, 2
Engineering 24
Math 903, C, 1
Physics 4A
Math 903, C, D, 1, 3A, 4A

Welcome to the STEM Center!

How the STEM Center Can Help You:
  • Subjects covered: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, C++, Logic, Circuit Analysis, Math
  • Office hours for some adjunct faculty members
  • Independent and group study spaces with whiteboards
  • Use of STEM reference materials (textbooks, model kits, anatomical models, etc.)
  • Computer use with science related programs (including Chem Draw and MATLAB) 

The STEM Learning Center is also available to reserve.

Due to the campus closure, the STEM Learning Center is unavailable for reserving. 

Usage of this room is limited to:

  • STEM related student activities
  • STEM workshops
  • Small group study sessions
  • Faculty/Staff meetings - for all other meeting types, please contact Brian Goo

If you would like to reserve the STEM Learning Center, please do the following:

  • Contact Rebecca Davidson or call (408)855-5157        
  • Provide a date and time of the event.
  • Name & purpose of the event.
  • Number of attendees.

Please allow a 24-hour turnaround for a response on availability. Once your request has been approved, you will be sent a confirmation email and the calendar on the outside of the STEM Learning Center will be updated.